Tuesday, December 18, 2007

who is an entrepreneur

without any jargons, an entrepreneur is one who starts his own biz. so what does one need to start one's own biz?

firstly one needs an idea. what is the biz about? is it a product/service, both, new concept, franchise, manufacturing, assembling, what?

next, one needs to identify who the customer is, who will buy your product. then one needs to find out whether you are the first entrant in the market or there are other players.

then one needs to estimate what are the resources required. the resources are technology, people, money and raw material.

once the resources required are identified, one has to identify how to garner these resources.

then a biz plan has to be put together, incorporating all these aspects . very simplistically, the person who does all this in order to start a biz is an entrepreneur.

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