Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a big thanks !

hey all you guys who left  your comments on my Tata Jagriti blog, a big thank you, and dont miss watching it every weekend on CNBC at 5.30 pm. it started last week and the Hyderabad panel  on which i had the privilege of meeting the yatris is being aired on 13th and 14th feb, catch the whole series, i promise you it will be worth it, cheers

my article in franchiseindia

when franchiseindia  asked me to write an article on any aspect of entrepreneurship, i really hadnt applied my mind to what it was going to be. a couple of evenings ago, i met my young mentee, ramanan to discuss his biz plan and during the course of our conversation, he said we should write a book, or rather, several books. so i said, well, there is an article we can start off with!! and he came up with the idea of  "Five slides to fame, how to pitch a biz plan" and in less than 24 hours it was published !

Much to our amazement, not a word was edited in the text, but for some strange reason, in the title, "Fve slides to fame" was removed :(

having sat through countless biz plan pitches in the last three years, i thought it was time someone demystified it :), here's the link,, enjoy.