Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my article in franchiseindia

when franchiseindia  asked me to write an article on any aspect of entrepreneurship, i really hadnt applied my mind to what it was going to be. a couple of evenings ago, i met my young mentee, ramanan to discuss his biz plan and during the course of our conversation, he said we should write a book, or rather, several books. so i said, well, there is an article we can start off with!! and he came up with the idea of  "Five slides to fame, how to pitch a biz plan" and in less than 24 hours it was published !

Much to our amazement, not a word was edited in the text, but for some strange reason, in the title, "Fve slides to fame" was removed :(

having sat through countless biz plan pitches in the last three years, i thought it was time someone demystified it :), here's the link,, enjoy.


  1. That was a great read! After reading I now realize that what points I missed when I made my Pitch to an angel investor in The Power of Ideas - Economic times last year.

  2. Hi Nandini

    Good to know that you blogged about your published article. In fact the other day i opened your blog while I was explaining someone how to write a blog and I was surprised to see your comments on the article right in the centre. It sounded like breaking news to me. Believe me,the reason I did not edit your article was that I really liked your style which was little different.I knew editing your article would mean a compromise on the style (dividing the article in slides).

    I saw you with Krishna Tanuku on CNBC..Jagriti Yatra..Cheers for the good show.


  3. Truly worth the time I spent on reading the article. More such quick reads are required in the present context and if you can make it searchable it would be great.

  4. thank you madam it helped me a lot

  5. thank you madam it helped me a lot

  6. FYI: On the ethical grounds, US Commercial Service (USCS) has blacklisted Franchise India and so as International Franchise Association.
    This info can be verified from the Local office of USCS in Connaught Place, Delhi.

  7. thank you for this piece of information :)