Monday, August 24, 2009

New Ventures India

in my experience entrepreneurship has more nay-sayers than benefactors, so i'm used to being a battle-axe, fighting for its cause. but when i met sanjoy and hemant of NVI, Hyderabad, i was like : where were you guys hiding all this while!! believe you me, they are the good guys, guardian angels of entrepreneurship.

all those of you who are in the green space and looking for institutional mentoring and enterprise support services, log on to

i'm a mentor with NVI and the company allocated to me for mentoring is Solkar Solar, based out of Chennai and Singapore. Ragu who's a solar veteran is the founder of this company and I'm sure in the next eight weeks my own learning curve will soar!

i'm visiting Solkar's plant in Chennai and meeting the team on 7 and 8th september, 2009.

i will share my journey on these pages and i'm sure there will be plenty of lessons for all of us.