Friday, June 8, 2012

Ecommerce and Liability

Who is to be accused now?

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To begin with, an old event comes to mind. In 2004, Avnish Bajaj, who was the CEO of Baazee.Com, was accused and put in jail because ‘someone’ was trying to sell porn on his platform. Avnish had nothing to do with the case, as was a market place with the management having least control on what was being traded. However, in the present scenario when ecommerce has evolved into Online Retail, and management practically controlling everything that sells, do the CEO’s & Director’s understand the liability they carry on their heads.
Now, it’s no more hidden what eCommerce companies are doing to meet their ‘projections’ that were presented at the time of raising investments. Right from selling ‘blackCherry‘ to selling ‘Black’ Blackberry, they are working on all possible strategies to give the consumer only one thing…BEST POSSIBLE DISCOUNT without any concern.
Just a few months back, Jai Anand, a 2nd year law student, highlighted the whole blackberry episode on deals and you, on alok kejriwal’s iconic blog, where they were selling defective / refurbished phones. At times, these devices did not have their IMEI number registered with Indian Customs. While it may appear to be a small concern, it is a big threat to our national security and comes under the National Security Act (NSA) andis a serious violation of law.
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  1. Entrepreneurship is a kind of addiction and in addiction you forget what is right or wrong and what your responsibility towards nation, society is and so on. Certainly person has to understand and face the consequences of his/her actions.

  2. Thanks for sharing the interesting post!!!