Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inbound Marketing

A brilliant concept that I came across -Take a look
The days of relying solely on tradeshows, cold calls, and print advertisements are over. The fact is that people tune out many traditional forms of marketing. And who can blame them? Let’s face it, we all screen telemarketing calls, commercials, and direct mail, to name a few. Prospective buyers can afford to do so because we live in a world where they can educate themselves before engaging with sales. The Internet allows them to research their options without the annoyance of a hard sales pitch.
In the new world where buyers are in control of self-educating, your job as a marketer is not to find leads; it is to help leads find you. Inbound marketing is a way of reaching prospects in this new buying model. In fact, as outbound marketing gets less effective and more annoying, inbound marketing takes on a bigger role in your marketing mix.
So what is inbound marketing? Our definition of inbound marketing is: The process of helping potential customers find your company – often before they are even looking to make a purchase – and then turning that early awareness into brand preference and, ultimately, into leads and revenue.
At its core, inbound marketing is about creating interesting, informative, and even entertaining content and optimizing and distributing it across online channels so it can be found by – and hopefully engage – prospective buyers.
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