Monday, January 28, 2008

I for intrapreneurship, I for implementation

There is an excellent ad of IBM on television these days. The guy goes on and on about how I is for ideation, I is for innovation and I is for invigoration. and she says I is for implementation and he looks crestfallen and says I knew i forgot something very important....

No amount of ideation, innovation can invigorate an organization unless the ideas jump off the drawing board on to the market place. Implementation is the key driver. Every organization is necessarily led by sales and any intrapreneurial initiative in any aspect of the organization eventually translates to more sales. that's the way the biz works. and unless intrapreneurship is backed by implementation, which means that not only should organizations commit time and resources to implementing, but the whole team should buy in into its implementation, ideas and innovations will remain empty shells, like forgotten curtains, flapping in an abandoned house.

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  1. This morning while having breakfast with a man from delhi, we were discussing the refurbshing of our org. one thought that came up was lateral induction. since it is people who are required throw up innovative ideas, should not all intrapreneurship commence with the induction of new people with fresh ideas...