Thursday, January 10, 2008

so who are intrapreneurs?

intrapreneurs need not necessarily be ideators or inventors but they are the ones who definitely turn ideas into profit. without ideas, there is neither entrepreneurship, nor intrapreneurship. ideas are the core in both activities.

intrapreneurs are necessarily a committed lot. they commit time, money , conviction and passion. it is not just enough that they have conviction or passion, it is equally important that they have the capability to infuse the same throughtout the fabric of the organization. in this sense, intrapreneurs are also 'team aggregators', they bring disparate people together and bind them with 'we feeling' with the organization, so much so that every employee begins to feel ownership, take responsibility, herald change management, and behave in a manner as if it is his 'own' company.

intrapreneurs also wear a number of different hats, from being functional specialists, they morph into 'project mangers', dabbling in macro management. by definition therefore they move away from a single functional responsibility, say marketing or finance, to a larger P & L role. intrapreneurs thus become strategy specialists and successful strategy implementation demands that they become macro managers.

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