Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flipside to "Ten reasons to date an Entrepreneur"

In recent times, besides Kolavari di, the biggest viral rage on FB has been Caroline Watson’s blog post called ‘10 reasons to date an entrepreneur’. I like what you have written Caroline, but I thought I should have some fun looking at the flipside as well. What happens if these virtues become vices? The numbered lines are quoting Watson, the unnumbered ones are my irreverential take!
1 – Their sense of possibility.  To date someone who accepts no limitations means that there is no end to how much they are capable of loving you.
What happens if this becomes not how much they are capable of loving you but how many people they are capable of loving?!
2 – They see things in ways that others don’t and understand the power of thought and faith to offer an entirely fresh and inspiring view of a challenging situation.
I see myself and everyone sees me as an extroverted social animal, capable of taking charge in any situation. What happens if he sees me as someone so self-contained that I need no one, not even him? That I like to be surrounded but won’t lean on anyone? Will I still call it a fresh and inspiring view?
3 – They know the true meaning of commitment and persistence to an idea – a love – far bigger than themselves.
It is his meaning of commitment and persistence to an idea. What if that makes him inflexible, insensitive and oblivious to my meaning?
4 – They attract and draw into their world new people, experiences and opportunities that make every day of being with them a continual adventure.
What if I don’t like the roller coaster ride for breakfast, lunch and dinner? What if his very sense of adventure makes me nauseous and crave for the placid, the stable, the sedate and the sedentary? 
5 – Their vision for the world extends to a vision of long-term relationships and family life no less important than their cause, but as equal to and intrinsic to working together to contribute to the betterment of humanity.
When I promised to love him and keep him, it was for myself. When did I ever say I will share him with the rest of the world? I did not bargain for him to be canonized!

6 – They have seen failure and know that it is never what defines a man or a woman.  It is their ability to get back up, with integrity, humility and service to a higher cause that builds the character and loyalty necessary for life-long commitment.
An admirable trait for sure, but what if he refuses to see the writing on the wall every time he is repeating the mistakes ? Seriously can I applaud him that he dusts himself and gets up each time when my mind is screaming that he is an idiot and has made it a habit of falling ?

7 – They are passionate souls with tonnes of energy and a great love and lust for life…..and we know how important that is for the more, erm, intimate areas of a relationship…..!
Aah, how Mills and Boonish, I’m already week in my knees with unbridled passion ! What if all this great love, lust and energy has a tendency to lose its fizz, erm a little prematurely ?

8 – They know the value of partnership in getting things done, the power of teamwork necessary to build something of mutual value.
How noble of them, but what happens when they discard old partnerships just so they can trade the tried and tested for the new hottie?
9 – They know how sometimes you just have to hang in there, work really hard and keep trusting the original love for the vision/person and what drew you to it/them in the first place……and it will turn out with way more blessings than you can imagine.
You waited for the grass to grow. You nurtured the grass,  so  it could  grow into a veritable savannah. But what happens if it is so obsessively fenced that the cows are dying?
10 – They are visionaries who understand the power of love over fear.
What if fear is good, it keeps you on the straight and the narrow?

Prof. Nandini Vaidyanathan


  1. I think with point no. 1 you have hit the nail on the head.
    I have seen countless promiscuous entrepreneurs.

  2. Interesting counterpoints, tongue-in-cheek too, could relate with a few. :-)