Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 and CARMa!

2012 began with a bang for CARMa with four of our mentees going to market early this year.

Shreya, all of 22, the youngest of the lot went to market this February. If you love everything handmade and love those abstract, unusual trinkets, then Itshandmade is your go to website.

Are you a travel enthusiast?  Love backpacking? And want to discover India the way you like? Then welcome to Oddroad. It’s been a tough journey for Joydeep and he has now successfully gone to market – Let the trip begin.

Those hamburgers and French fries may be your staple diet and sitcoms may be your favourite pastime.  But it wouldn’t hurt to shake your hips to a ‘cholike pecche’ and smack on some samosas once in a while. Full in love with ‘Indianmyra ‘– where everything is Indian.  Veena brings des to the vides.

Gone are the days when keeping your physical store bright and trendy was enough. Welcome to the era of web 2.0, where your virtual presence can make or break your identity.  Say hello to Akankasha Singh – Your online magician, who can make your online presence bombastic.  Get viral with ‘Tuesdays’.

CARMa’s hearty congratulations and love to all of you, we are so proud of you.


It all began on the 24 of Feb. Our dedicated office boy Rajkumar reached office bright and early and began to pack stuff and the neighbours wondered what’s going on and he said ‘we are shifting’ and continued to do his work. At 8.30am Ma’am received a call from Rajakumar and all that ran in Ma’am’s head was ‘oh God! What’s gone wrong?’ Paranoid with what the call was about, Ma’am picked up the call and to her surprise Rajkumar said ‘Madam, we are half-way through the shifting’. Elated by the news, she headed to office immediately.

The rest of us reached office at 9.00 am, with a mixed feeling. Excited to step into a new home, yet could not part ways with a place that was so close to our heart and was filled with memories.  But moving on is part of life and we on went to do just the same.
10.00 AM on an auspicious Friday, team CARMa stepped into its new home and a brand new beginning.

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