Monday, November 9, 2009

TiE ISB Connect, slide 5

it is in the incubator that the entrepreneur learns how to see the bigger picture. it is here that he learns that there are other stories too, besides his own. and it becomes the responsibilty of the mentor to make him acquire this sense of perspective.

entrepreneurs are notoriously here-and-the-now people. rarely do they ponder over future ramifications. if a solution can mitigate a particular problem today, go for it, tomorrow will take care of itself!! this is the most common mind-set.

time and again i come across entrepreneurs who are in a hurry to distribute equity to employees because the way they see it, there is no imminent cash flow by way of payroll!! i'm always appalled by this short-sighted approach and shudder every time an entrepreneur comes to me with this proposal.

like i said a mentor is not just must have but can't not have.

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  1. Such facilities are needed more and more in India. Wish you plenty of success in this intiative.

    Warm regards,
    Prof. A.V.R.Rao