Thursday, November 19, 2009

TiE ISB Connect, slide 7

just the way it is important for every entrepreneur to be unreasonably optimisitc about his biz, it is equally important to understand that sometimes even with the best of resources and efforts, the whole biz may fall by the wayside. to me, bankruptcy is as much written in blood as an entrepreneur's passion is. when you do the biz plan, the sub-text here is that if any of the assumptions go wrong, the tasks delineated may not lead to the milestones, and if milestones are not met, there will be a resource crunch, and if there is a resource crunch, the biz may come a cropper.

i do think it is the job of the incubator to keep the entrepreneur constantly  grounded to this unassailable fact. not so  it  spooks the entrepreneur but impresses upon him time and again that he has to demonstrate as much passion for implementing the plan as he did for ideating it.

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